Friday, March 1, 2013

I iz back!

Yes, I am back to blogging. Been back for almost 3 months now. So if you've been wondering what have I have been doing, lemme tell you.
  • Been to THIRST a week after Stereosonic
  • Bangkok trip for some shopping and red light district experience
  • Working in a friend's gym
  • Been to Swedish House Mafia's One Last Tour
  • Started working out 
Currently looking for a job right now and looking forward to going back to Adelaide to attend my graduation ceremony in two weeks time. 

Thats all for now! 

Monday, October 31, 2011

The End Of My September.

Just a week after I shifted in to Hartley's Apartment and also my trip back from Malaysia, this is how I spent the rest of my September. More food and dessert pictures.

Sue Ann's brand new camera


Alaska Bomb

Belgium Chocolate Waffle


Chocolate cake that I baked in Sue Lynn's house

Monday, September 26, 2011

New To My Makeup Bag.

I went crazy when I went to Manchester on Urban Decay's 24/7 Glide On Pencils! Bought almost all the colours, colours which I will put on my eyes. I love these 24/7 pencils cause it can be eyeliner and shadow as well. The colours are so bright and simply loving all the colours. Other than the 24/7 glide on pencils, I bought 2 Urban Decay's new 24/7 Liquid Eyeliner too! One is brown which is Bourbon and another in Siren which is in aqua colour. 

Bourbon - without flash

Bourbon - with flash

Siren - without flash

Siren - with flash

I have been eyeing on MAC's Semi Precious Summer Collection on the blush. Sadly all the mineralize blush are all limited edition and it was all sold out in Malaysia when I was back! To buy MAC stuff here in Australia is more expensive so no point thinking of getting it here. 
Because I transit in Dubai for 4 hours on the way back from Manchester back to Malaysia, I dropped by MAC Cosmetics to try my luck if they have any. I was lucky because they still have stocks for the Semi Precious's mineralize blush for both the blush I was eyeing on! Pressed Amber and Love Thing. 

Pressed Amber - without flash

Pressed Amber - with flash

Love Thing - without flash

Love Thing - with flash

I normally put the Pressed Amber mineralize blush everyday with or without make up. The Pressed Amber is very light but not to the extend where its too nude. Its kinda like medium dark brown without any shine to it. Really love the colour cause its light and very natural.

As for the Love Thing mineralize blush, I like putting it on when I am out for an outing or special dinners because if you can see, its actually very pink with golden dust or shine to it. I dont like wearing something so bright for everyday look. What I really like about Love Thing is that it has a golden dust or shine finish and I just have to put very little and I can see the results on my cheeks. 

I also bought Big Bounce Shadow in MAC's Flighty Collection in Trophy colour. Trophy is like a pink champagne with metallic kind of colour. Not sure if its good or not since I have not tried it yet. I dont normally put eyeshadow either but apparently it works well as an eyeshadow base. 

Big Bounce Shadow - Trophy

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Moon Lantern Festival '11.

All this while, born and grew up in Malaysia, never have I went to a Lantern Festival before. Malaysia dont have such event. People eventually just go the a field nearby and play with lanterns by themselves or burning candles haha. It was my first time attending such event, and it was HUGE!

They set up a stage and huge lanterns walking around representing their school or club or nation. There are also food stalls from Korean food to Indian food. Majority of the lanterns are battery operated but I am not surprised because if you are using a lantern that requires a lighted candle then I hate to break your bubble that it is impossible that your lantern will be lighted for long lol. Its spring here in Adelaide now and its still cold with strong winds especially at night hence the battery operated lanterns.

I had the best kimchi and rice cake with peanuts!

Plan B. Bangsar Village l.

After I gotten back from my Manchester trip for Jasmine Che's wedding, I went to Plan b. in Bangsar Village for an early dinner. Been wanting to give it a try since I was back for my winter holiday. Who could I have gone it with beside than Boon right? :) As usual, the road to Bangsar was damn jam around 5pm. It was Raya season and everyone end work earlier than usual lol.

Ice Cappuccino 

Wild Mushroom Soup

Spaghetti Carbonara

Watermelon Lychee (Sorry for the blur picture!)

Double Cheeseburger

Because we are in Bangsar Village already, I totally forgotten they have the best yet expensive cupcakes which is Bisou! The last time I tried it was in KLCC adventure to find my limited edition MAC blush and lip stain. It was a hell of an adventure. Went around KL area just to get those two make ups =.= Thinking about it made me realized how stupid it is lol.

Mini 4 cupcakes which has all flavour

Red Velvet

All time favourite dark chocolate or chocolate!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Mid Semeter Break Study Period 5.

Its been a week since I have moved into the hostel, Hartley's Apartment. Actually I have settled in the day I moved in but I must say, I gotten used to everything in this house for a week. For example, walking to class from the hostel, walking to the Foodland (supermarket), walking to Subway, walking to the bus stop, using the kitchen and most importantly, the toilet :)

Its also mid semester break starting on Monday for 2 weeks! And in that 2 weeks time, sadly the Melbourne trip has been canceled because the air ticket is expensive :( But it only means I have more time to concentrate on doing the rest of my assignments. Haven really cooked a meal because ... I am lazy lol. I dont normally cook anyways.

My returned marked assignments are good. No more P1 or P2 which is Pass Level 1/2, its been Credit all the way. Not HD or D laa okay, but to me its good enough. I must say this semester is easier compare to the last one. But I know next semester is gonna be tough, urgh!

Also, on the other hand, I gotten hair extensions; both coloured ones and in terms of length. I now have long hair extensions. Did it because my hair grows very slow and I'm getting frustrated because I have been having short hair for the past one and a half years. My long hair extensions are so long that it almost touches my butt, ALMOST. 

I am lazy to upload pictures. Lazy to continue updating. Its 9.50am on a Sunday, I got nothing to do but to fill up my time so I can go to the city and eat Ajisen Ramen.Everything here opens at 11am on a Sunday. Bai.

Monday, September 5, 2011

2 Weeks Of Travelling.

Its been a week since I am back in Adelaide and finished majority of the assignment that I owe my lecturers. In the 2 weeks, been travelling back and forth from Adelaide to Malaysia to Dubai to Manchester back to Dubai to Malaysia then finally Adelaide.

The days I had in Malaysia was well spent. The times I had in Manchester attending my sister, Jasmine's wedding as one of her bridesmaid was spent with my family was more than amazing. Now that I am back in Adelaide, I have decided to move to UniSA's hostel which is Hartley's Apartment. Will be staying with my buddy since high school, Lee Min :))

I must say that coming back to Adelaide after so much travelling and not really settling down from my winter break was not easy. Going back to uni, doing assignments, budget all the way, no real proper meal and mostly, not being able to be with Boon. But after a week now, slowly everything is going back to normal.

I didnt take any pictures during my trip to Manchester because I am shy to take my camera out and take picture haha. But mainly because I dont bother. I must really say travelling so many places in 2 weeks is really really tiring.

My family just went back to Malaysia not too long ago too and my parents already planned to go Dubai in November and Hong Kong next year during or after CNY which I am not joining. I really got nothing much to say cause I just wanted to update my blog and not like anybody reads anyway. Its just a place for me to look back and read when I am older.

Okay bai.